Marketing rental properties around the world

We work with travel agencies around the globe to provide vacation rentals in southern California. We are able to keep our market rentals at very low vacancy levels while charging top dollar for your property.


Rental Property Videos

Video of your rental property is one of the most important things you can use to show off your property. A great video will send will create an emotional connection with renters that video and text never could. Video can be displayed on your website and social media posts. we find that properties with great video rent easier and at higher prices. The best thing is that it is can be used over and over for many years

Our Agents

Tony Lopez Profile Picture

Tony Lopez

Inland Empire Manager

My team specializes in marketing rentals in Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Palm Springs, Indio and other locations within the Inland Empire.

  • 866-245-5869 Ext. 2158
  • 951-289-0066

Barbara Cash

San Diego Manager

Being close to the beach gives me an opportunity to help  rent some of the most amazing properties in the country. San Diego is a very hot market right now.

  • 866-245-5869 Ext. 2185
  • 619-274-5978
Profile Picture of David Nguyen

David Nguyen

Orange County Manager

I get to help many Orange County and Los Angeles property owners rent out their beautiful properties. Currently, there is a lot of rental  interest in the Hollywood Hills area.

  • 866-245-5869 Ext. 2189
  • 949-460-5896

Get Rented Fast

We specialize in marketing services to keep your vacation rental rented at top dollar.

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